Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: The Things They've Taken by Katie McElhenney

  The Things They’ve Taken by Katie McElhenney 

Published by Entangled Teen
Genre: YA Fantasy / paranormal



All Lo Campbell wants is to be a normal teenager—to go to one high school, live in one place, and have one real friend. Instead, she travels the country with her mother, chasing the unknown, the “what else” that’s out there…   Until one day, the “what else” chases back.   Determined to rescue her mom from whatever supernatural being took her, Lo will need more help than a badly dressed demon obsessed with country music. She’s going to need a Tracker—and lucky for her, she finds one. Shaw is strong, good-looking, possibly available, and utterly infuriating. Sure, he may have secrets, and his help costs more than a brand-new car, but she’ll have to deal with him if she wants to find her mother—and get her home alive.

About the Author:

Katie McElhenney was born in Philadelphia into a big family of curious kids and patient adults. A voracious reader and unapologetic daydreamer, she knew she wanted to become a writer someday. With the support of an amazing family, great friends, and some truly spectacular teachers she has written short stories, poems, and novels. A solar-powered human, she now lives in Los Angeles and uses the great weather for year-round trips to the beach and long runs (where the best inspiration happens). Find out more about her at And her social media accounts are:   Website: Facebook: Katie McElhenney Instagram: katiemcelhenney

My Review:

This book grabbed me and sucked me into its world from page one. The world that the author created was described with vibrant detail, often funny imagery. Throughout the read, I felt as though I was right alongside Lo and Shaw, helping them fight off evil creatures. The book featured multiple settings, jumping from a honky-tonk bar, to a trailer in the woods, to a waterfall, to a rest home, to a mortuary, to a museum, to a boardwalk on the Jersey coast.

I really liked Lo as a character. I felt her pain as she struggled to find her mom. She showed a ton of character growth throughout the book. Although she constantly faces what seems to be impossible odds, she never wavers in her quest to rescue her mom. I found it interesting that the author chose to have Lo and her mother emotionally distanced for the year leading up to the start of the book. I think it made the story more believable and it made Lo's determination to find her mom all the more endearing.

Shaw... What a hottie. He's the silent, stoic, strong type. I sensed from the first moment he appeared in the story that he had depth to him. Although Lo, doubted his affection for her, it was clear to me that his attraction had been growing for her throughout the book. And not just her face or body, but her on the inside. I would have liked to see a bit more connection between them, but I suspect that their relationship will build throughout the rest of the series...whether they like it or not.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, sprinkled with sexual tension, mythical creatures, danger, and plenty of teen angst. Just my kind of book. :)

**Four Stars**

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